Underwriting Assistance

The way we automate insurance underwriting
operations needs to be reimagined.

Envision your underwriters having an army of on-demand
support, augmented with automation capabilities that increase
the submit-to-bind ratio, increase bound premium, and reduce
submission processing costs.

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Underwriting tor the Digital Age
Digital Capabilities

Leverage the Right Combination of People, Process, and Technology

Underwriting operations are complex, requiring deep insurance knowledge and agility to carry out quickly and accurately. It's not just about having the right people, but the right processes and technology too. When you partner with us, you get the best of all worlds, including the support of experienced insurance professionals, Lean Six Sigma trained experts, and automation tools.

Underwriting Assistance For Today's Challenges

We work with your underwriting assistants so that your operations team can better focus on work that matters to them and to your business.

Clear Submissions

Clear Submissions

Score submissions to improve your quote-to-bind ratio

Ensure submissions are accurate and complete prior to risk assessment

Automate Workflows

Automate Workflows

Free up underwriters with bots, and digitize up to 80% of processes

Be Proactive

Be Proactive

Improve overall performance while meaningfully reducing expense ratio

Enhance servicing by getting ahead of the policy lifecycle

Enhance Relationships

Enhance Relationships

Deliver faster turnaround and value-added services to differentiate and deepen distribution partnerships

Customizable Program to Fit Your Needs

Our program is custom tailored to your organization, with flexible capacity in a secure SOC-compliant
environment, to best address your underwriting challenges.

To address your needs, we have grouped our services under the following insurer activities:

Submission and Risk Assessment Support

Submission and
Risk Assessment Support

Supporting every aspect of
underwriting process from
submission to quote.

Policy Life Cycle Management

Policy Life Cycle

Managing the total policy
lifecycle from binder
preparation to renewal.

Underwriting Compliance and Insights

Compliance and

Gain insights on your
performance with analytics
on your data, regulatory-free
reporting, and auditing.

You’re looking to differentiate. We’re here to help.