Typical agency retention rates are between 87-92%. That means a majority of businesses don't change agents at renewal.

To win new business, producers need to be armed with an alternative approach, one that allows them to compete with price players by using expertise and specialization.

With the Maximizer program, producers learn to push back against commoditization and truly stand out as a workers' comp risk expert, enabling them to win more right-fit business.

Oceanus Partners

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Producers interested in gaining specialized capabilities
  • Producers who want to develop a niche and lead with workers' compensation
  • New producers who would benefit from a path toward specialization
  • Seasoned producers who are looking to differentiate

Maximizer graduates will walk away with:

  • Professional Workers' Compensation Advisor (PWCA) designation
  • Proven approaches for writing more business through expertise and specialization
  • Strategies for differentiation, piquing buyer interest, and winning more right-fit first appointments

Live Virtual Training

Live Virtual Training

Connect with instructors and other insurance sales professionals in our virtual classroom, powered by Zoom.

Individualized Support

Individualized Support

Throughout your Maximizer journey, our coaches will be available to give one-on-one guidance and feedback.

On-Demand Lessons

On-Demand Lessons

Access key learnings anytime, anywhere with our webinars, articles, white papers, and podcasts.

Online Designation Testing

Online Designation Testing

Earn and stay up-to-date with your Professional Worker's Compensation Advisor designation. 

PRE-training (self-directed)

Welcome & Overview (10 min)
The Foundation of Workers Compensation (30 min)
The Foundation of Disruptive Selling (30 min)

DAY 1: The Disruptive Selling Process (3 Hours)
  • The 5 Objectives Meeting
  • The Risk Assessment Meeting
  • The Presentation Meeting
DAY 2: Technical Training (3 Hours)
  • The Workers' Compensation Experience Mod-Its impact on Pricing and Bid Qualification
  • Classification and Audits: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Helping Contractors Capture More Business
DAY 3: Technical Training (3 Hours)
  • Creating and Impact: Strategies to Reduce the Number, Cost, and Duration of Employee Injuries
  • The Risks and Challenges of Non-Traditional Employee Relationships
  • Aligning Workers' Compensation and Group Health Policies to Protect Businesses, Executives, and Employees
DAY 4: Technical Training (3 Hours)
  • Unique Workers' Compensation Risks Arising Out of Covid-19
  • Helping Your Prospects and Clients Avoid Bankruptable Risk
  • Guiding Prospects and Clients to Select the Best-Fit Risk Financing Plan

Producers will have the opportunity to earn their Professional Workers' Compensation Advisor (PWCA) Designation upon completion of the program. To earn the PWCA Designation, participants will need to successfully complete a (50) question Skills Validation test as well as (3) Case Studies to demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge gained.

Build on the Fundamentals Shared During the Risk Advisor Training

DAY 1: Insurance Technical Training (1 Hour)
  • Developing Your Value Proposition and Going Deeper with The 5 Objectives meeting
  • Customizing Your Graphic Overview and the Risk Assessment
  • Planning for a Successful Client On-boarding
DAY 2: Insurance Technical Training (1 Hour)
  • Positioning Risk Management as an On-going Process
  • Conducting an Effective Mid-year Review
  • Measurements of Success
DAY 3: Insurance Technical Training (1 Hour)
  • Dissecting the Deal
  • Setting Personal Goals for Success
  • Open Forum and Wrap-up

Learn How to Fill Your Pipeline with More Right-fit Prospects

DAY 1: Insurance Technical Training (2.5 Hours)
  • Understanding Today's Buyer, What They Want and Why they Say "No"
  • Your Perfect Client Type
  • Leveraging Your Value Proposition
DAY 2: Insurance Technical Training (2.5 Hours)
  • Developing a Messaging Cadence to Pique Curiosity
  • Leveraging Trigger Event Messages
  • Overcoming Common Getting in the Door Objections
DAY 3: Insurance Technical Training (2.5 Hours)
  • Content Is King: How to Source and Leverage Content to Connect with Prospects
  • Utilizing a High Intensity Touch Strategy to Develop More 1st Appointments
  • Developing a Center of Influence Strategy
(12) Monthly 90 Min Zoom Coaching Sessions

In tandem with the workshops, each producer will be part of a small group learning cohort for a full year. Facilitated by an Oceanus Partners trainer, these 90-minute sessions include individualized and group coaching. Cohorts are capped at 4 producers for immersive sessions on applying the skills learned in the training.

Small-group learning cohorts allow producers to:

  • Refresh technical skills 
  • Hear challenges and successes from fellow producers
  • Share recurring barriers to success in a safe environment
  • Discuss current sales opportunities and explore ways to move the deal forward, focusing on the opportunities in play where the decision to do business will occur within 90 days

Susan Toussaint

Susan Toussaint

Practice Leader

For over a decade, Susan Toussaint has been training, coaching and developing programs to help insurance professionals overcome barriers to organic growth. In 2006, she started Injury Management Partners, and in 2009 she co-founded Oceanus Partners with her partner, Frank Pennachio. Today, she is a full-time trainer and consultant focused on developing products and training that help clients attract, acquire and retain profitable, right-fit business.

Frank Pennachio

Frank Pennachio

Practice Leader

Frank Pennachio has spent more than 30 years in the insurance agency as an agent and producer, expertise he's leveraged to personally train thousands of insurance professionals. In 2009, he sold his agency and co-founded Oceanus Partners with Susan Toussaint. Frank is an expert in the technical elements of workers' compensation, emphasizing the need for agents to understand all aspects of protecting an employers' workforce in order to provide true value. 

Starts Oct 27 Online

The Producer Maximizer Program begins with a 3-month intensive online training where producers learn the technical skills and strategies to become a Professional Workers' Compensation Risk Advisor.

Concurrently, each producer will be part of a monthly Small Group Learning Cohort. These cohorts are capped at 4 producers and will be facilitated by an Oceanus Partners coach for immersive sessions on applying the skills learned in the training. Sessions are 90 minutes which includes individualized and group coaching. 

Workers' Compensation Risk Advisor Training | 4 Day Training

  • Tuesday, Oct 27 1:00-4:30 ET
  • Wednesday, Oct 28 1:00-4:30 ET
  • Thursday, Oct 29 1:00-4:30 ET
  • Friday, Oct 30 1:00-4:30 ET

Testing for PWCA Designation

Mastering Disruptive Selling | 3 Day Training

  • Monday, Nov 16 10:00-11:00 ET
  • Tuesday, Nov 17 10:00-11:00 ET
  • Wednesday, Nov 18 10:00-11:00 ET

Disruptive Prospecting | 3 Day Training

  • Wednesday, Dec 2 1:30-4:00 ET
  • Thursday, Dec 3 1:30-4:00 ET
  • Friday, Dec 4 1:30-4:00 ET

Producer Coaching Program | 90 Min Monthly Sessions

  • First session starts in November


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