“I Love Prospecting” said NO insurance agent ever!

Prospecting isn’t fun! You’re interrupting busy and distracted business owners and decision makers, asking them to give you a few seconds of their time. Today, more than ever before, you MUST be armed with more than teasers about ‘great markets’, or ‘special programs’ which can position you as a commodity and force you into the bid and quote death spiral.

Unfortunately, many agents are still focused on features and benefits and lack a compelling value proposition and strategy to capture the attention of today’s business owners and decision makers.

To be successful in today’s environment, you must explore new messaging strategies that pique the curiosity of your prospects and deliver insights that differentiate.





Small agency

(per person, 3 minimum)



Large agency

(per person, 10 minimum)


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Fall Session: October 4th - November 22nd, 2019

Training in the comfort
of your office.

We’re bringing the training to you. Utilizing live web-based training you’ll be able to interact and enjoy the convenience of learning at your desk.

Gain insights.

Take advantage of years of research and development from an organization dedicated to helping insurance professionals like you differentiate and win more business.

Proven strategies that get you in the door with leverage.

The 9 session web-based training program is conducted live and is packed with insights, tools and examples which will bring the content to life.

Your “homework” will help you apply what you learn so you can develop a customized getting in the strategy that works for you. Each session is recorded and you’ll have access to the recording throughout the training.

Check out what each session will cover:

You’ll gain insights into why your prospects are wired to say “no” and why it’s so difficult to get in the door and stay out of the commodity box.

Not everyone who needs insurance is a good fit for you and your agency. In fact, too often producers work on low probability opportunities, wasting time and energy and ultimately getting rolled by prospects that were never a good fit for the agency in the first place.

In this session, participants will learn how to identify the characteristics of your perfect client, and gain clarity around who you want to be and who you want to be it to, which will help you laser focus your messages and increase your response rate.

In addition, participants we’ll share how to build, segment and manage your prospect list, strategies that will you be more organized and efficient for prospecting. Finally, we’ll talk about various ways to research your prospects and how to leverage that research to lead more meaningful conversations.

Your value proposition has nothing to do with the companies you represent or how long your agency has been in business or what you have to offer. Too often value propositions focus inwardly, instead of conveying how you and your agency understand the key objectives and challenges that your prospects face on a daily basis.

In this session, participants will learn how to create a value proposition that resonates and how to leverage it in a messaging strategy.

All too often messages speak to what the producer wants to accomplish instead of what their prospect needs to hear to be curious about taking a meeting. In addition, messages are often sent without regard to who will receive them. Knowing your prospect’s persona and what is important to them is critical.

In this session, participants will learn the specific steps necessary to build effective messaging that will pique curiosity as well as, learn what how to capture the attention of C-suite buyers. Creating the right message is both an art and a science; we’ll help you master both.

Objections happen! The good things they can be anticipated, and categorized.

In this session participants will learn to recognize the different types of objections they will most often receive and how to overcome them and get the conversation back on track in order to advance prospecting efforts.

Content is still king! Your messaging is reinforced when it is accompanied by either 3rd party or self-published content.

In this session, participants will learn what kind of content to source or develop and how to leverage it to support their messaging themes.

Developing campaigns can be challenging. How long should they be, what information should I share, and what do I say? These challenges often prevent producers from being effecting, or worse, cause them to give up.

In this session, participants will be exposed to a short, but effective campaign strategy that can be deployed a monthly basis. This easy to adopt and implement strategy will have participants generating 1st appointments quickly and consistently.

Most producers rely on prospecting to generate leads, but your clients and colleagues can be a great source of leads too. But simply asking them to send referrals isn’t always fruitful. Plus, you want to avoid a poorly positioned introduction, which can put you in the commodity box.

In the final session, participants will learn how to develop a center of influence strategy and the 5 steps necessary to maximize these important relationships.

Becoming known and relevant requires more than just emails and phone calls. Relevance is achieved when your prospects perceive you as a leader.

In this session, participants will learn how to move beyond campaigns and incorporate workshops, webinars and roundtable events into their prospect engagement strategy.